Dear Colleague
We are conducting a National retrospective study, examining the type of organisms found in Periprosthetic Shoulder and Elbow Arthroplasty infection in the UK. This will allow us to determine the most common pathogens that cause periprosthetic joint infections (PJI) in shoulder and elbow replacements. We will also gather information on the methods used for diagnosis in order to ascertain current practice across centres within the UK (up to 40 hospitals). This information will help guide UK clinical practice alongside the evidence and consensus based PJI guidelines of the British Elbow and Shoulder Society.
We would like this to be a project delivered by trainees across regions, as it is an opportunity for collaborative authorship for all contributors to the study. The study process is simple, involving electronic anonymised data capture from hospital notes.
All you need to do at this stage is reply to my email address to confirm your interest to participate.  We will then provide you with details of what to do next.
I look forward to your valuable participation in this study
thank you
kind regards
M Naghman Choudhry
Post CCT Fellow to Prof A Rangan