27 November 2015


Constitution (Version 3.0)

Aims and Objectives

1.1. BORG exists as a representative group expressing the consensus opinions of orthopaedic trainees (ST3+) currently training in the Severn Deanery Rotation (SouthWest, North).

1.2. BORG exists to collect and represent the opinions of its members and provide to interested parties a recognisable contact point for consultation or discussion, with regard to issues pertinent to orthopaedic trainees in this region.

1.3. BORG exists to actively pursue issues of interests, as dictated by its membership, related to all aspects of training within this region and nationally.

1.4. BORG exists to improve links between individual trainees by organisation of a variety of social, mentoring, and educational meetings.

1.5. BORG exists to liaise with regional and national groups to improve training and working conditions for local trainees.

2. Membership

2.1. Full membership with voting rights shall be granted to:

  • Speciality and specialist registrars holding a national training number, LAT

    number, or fixed-term training number (ST3+) within the Severn Deanery.

  • Orthopaedic clinical lecturers or academic fellows (ST3+) employed by the University of Bristol or Severn Deanery.
  • Severn Deanery trainees (ST3+) holding a national training number temporarily in research posts or fellowships.

    2.2. Associate membership without voting rights may be granted at the discretion of the executive committee to:

  • Core trainees in trauma and orthopaedics holding a national training number within the Severn Deanery.
  • Orthopaedic research fellows not in possession of a national training number.
  • Speciality and specialist registrars in possession of a LAS number.
  • • Speciality and specialist registrars holding a national training number, LAT number, or fixed-term training number from another deanery.

2.3. Honorary membership without voting rights will be given to:

  • All Severn Deanery trainees successfully achieving Certificates of Completion of

    Training in trauma and orthopaedics.

  • Persons recognised in election by the membership of BORG as having given exceptional service to the training or pastoral care of orthopaedic trainees within the Severn Deanery.

    2.4. Any person with exceptional experience or knowledge who would assist the group in the execution of its duties may be elected to serve as an honorary member.

    2.5.The group will maintain and distribute annually to its electorate an accurate contact list of all members.

    Officers and Representatives

    3.1.The officers of the executive committee shall be elected annually to serve a term of one year, and shall be eligible for re-election.

    3.2. The executive committee will deal with the regular business and organisation of the group and shall consist of the following members.

    3.2.1. Chairperson – acts as chairperson, or delegates such responsibility, at all meetings of the group; submits an annual report to JBORG; publicises all meetings among BORG membership; acts as returning officer for all elections.

    3.2.2. Treasurer – administers the funds of the group, and maintains accurate and audit able account records; collects and ensures collection of all membership subscriptions; attends to the securing of funding for the group from interested parties.

    3.2.3. Social Secretary – organises and publicises the social calendar of the group, to include, but not exclusively the BORG golf day, summer barbecue, and Christmas dinner; liaises with consultants at all hospitals within the region to co-ordinate social events.

    3.2.4. Webmaster – organises the upkeep and maintenance of the BORG website; establishes and maintains the BORG presence on social media outlets.

    3.2.5. BOTA link person – acts as a representative of the group at all BOTA meetings and functions; acts to liaise with BOTA and distribute information from BOTA to the BORG membership; records and distributes the minutes of all meetings.

3.2.6. Education Representative – liaises with the postgraduate tutor regarding the teaching curriculum and co-ordinates feedback for Friday afternoon teaching sessions; co-ordinates the organisation of regular journal club meetings and other additional teaching sessions; organises BORG mentoring programme.

3.2.7. Research Representative – acts to promote research opportunities for the membership; co-ordinates the involvement of BORG with Severn Audit and Research Collaborative in Orthopaedics (SARCO).

3.2.8. JBORG Representative – organises the publication of the annual Journal of BORG encompassing trainee achievements and articles of interest for the membership.

3.3. Each position of the executive committee can serve for a maximum length of 3 years per position, except for Chairperson which is a maximum 2 year post.

3.4. The officers and representatives are to be drawn from BORG members holding a national training number in trauma and orthopaedics within the Severn Deanery, except for the position of Chairperson and Treasurer who are to be drawn from members who have previous experience serving on the executive committee.

3.5. The officers and representatives (apart from Chairperson and Treasurer) are to be appointed at the BORG annual general meeting held following the registrars presentation day on the final teaching session of the Michaelmas term.

3.6. The Chairperson and Treasurer are to be appointed at the regular executive meeting immediately prior to the BORG annual general meeting.

3.7. Each position of the executive committee will hold an equal vote – in the event of a tie the chairperson shall hold the decisive vote.

4. Meetings

4.1. The meetings of the membership shall be either an annual general meeting (AGM), a regular general meeting (RGM), a regular executive meeting (REM), or an extraordinary general meeting (EGM).

4.2. The AGM will be held annually following the registrars presentation day on the final teaching session of the Michaelmas term.

4.3. A RGM will be held at the discretion of the executive committee with a minimum of one meeting per year to be open to all members of the group.

4.4. A REM will be held by the executive committee not less than once every other calendar month, unless combined with an RGM or AGM.

4.5. An EGM will be called:

  • if deemed necessary by the executive committee
  • if requested in writing by 10 or more members of the electorate
  • at the request of the training programme director, or the postgraduate tutor

    4.6. A meeting will be deemed quorate if not less than one-third of the current voting members are present.

    4.7. To add to, amend, or repeal an article of constitution a voting member must

    secure not less than a two-thirds majority vote at a quorate EGM of the group membership.

    4.8. Motions may be put by voting members for discussion at an AGM, RGM or REM, and must be received by the chairperson in writing not less than five working days before the meeting.

    4.9. Notices of a general meeting will be distributed 7 days before the published date of the meeting.

    5. Policy

    5.1. The policy of the group will be formed by the decisions of the AGM, RGM, REM, or any EGM.

    5.2. The policy summary will be presented at the AGM and published annually on the BORG website.

    5.3. Members agree by their membership to abide by the constitutional rules of the group, including the prompt payment of subscriptions.

    5.3.1. Subscriptions will be charged at a rate to be determined by the executive committee, to be collected by direct debit from each member.

    5.3.2. The executive committee reserve the right to change the subscription rate by securing not less than a two-thirds majority vote at a quorate RGM or AGM.